All lives matter but Black lives are taken away by white officers.

Yes, all lives do matter but lives are being lost unnecessarily in the streets of the  USA daily for no valuable reason whatsoever.  While leaders are themselves the inciter of violence in the United  States.


 Mr. Trump, who keeps on adding fuelling the tensions as he has invited the far-right to his rescue.

According to intelligence, the  Russians, the Anarchists, the KKK are all active participants in the protests that taking place in America.  These groups are hiding behind the genuine protesters to aggravate the situation so the fascist state can have excuses to kill more black people.  Mr. Donald Trump has said it, he wants to make the US whiter again.  These kinds of nationalistic remarks can sometimes cause more harm than good.

Is Mr. Trump crazy or stupid about making reckless comments regularly on social media, 95% of his posts are blasphemist, racist, sexist, homophobic, or separatist?  I wonder, how this president got elected?  And how Mr. Trump convinced the American electorate to people to vote for him beside the college vote system.  The state has a lot to do bring this unrest to a stop. as soon as they can.

The root causes fo the problem must not be ignored any longer as it is over to address these issues.  The systematic racism in the various forces is alarming.  This pandemic does not stops in the U.S, many countries in Europe have seen the far-right infiltrating all national services.  I believe the Klan have done the same in America, this is endangering the lives of p black people, who have offered enough in my opinion.

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