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Family of murdered Journalist Manneh receives compensation at last

The commission of Truth and Reconciliation has decided to put an end the nightmare of the family of the murdered journalist Chief Ebrima Manneh more than a decade ago, Mr Manneh was killed in cold blood by the Tyrannic and Satanic government of Jammeh for practising the profession He loved.

The commission has made efforts in to concluding many of the pending murder cases to put an end to families and friends of brutally and illegally killed victims at rest. No amount of money or compensation could undo the evil or make those affected to have their love ones back.

We all know that it is not easy to get justice anywhere in this world nowadays. But how can we have killers of innocent descent brothers and sisters rooming the streets of the Gambia.

Those who killed their friends and colleagues to feed the crave of their illusionary dictator. The inquiry being conducted by the Truth and Reconciliation commission must speed up their investigation into some of these cases. We are convinced that the culprits to these horrific crimes are still rubbing along with their poor victims in the Serrekunda, Brikama, Bakau or Banjul market.


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