When Your Worst Enemy Becomes Your Best Friend

This syndrome isn't new as we have seen or heard about worst enemies had patched up their differences and become besties.  Making peace with thy enemies always is a good thing for both parties especially when there is a reward for each party...   
NPP ( National People's Party) and APRC ( Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction) have formed a unit to face other 18 political parties in the December general elections. 

No spectator or stake holder was  awaiting such a reunion between the party in power and the one dislodged in an abnormal transition of power which led to the involvement of the ECOWAS (The Economic Community of West African States).  The country was at the brink of plunging into all out civil war because the  incumbent changed his mind after publicly accepting defeat.
ECOWAS and the president of the neighbouring country Senegal who is well known as a poppet of the French, managed to secure a deal in making a swift exit of the dictator to Equatorial Guinnee.
The president elect has been promptly invited to a Francophone summit in Mali where he was not part of the guests...  This was a decoy to smuggle him out of the country and not raise suspiscion of Jammeh to what awaits him in couple of hours as he refused to leave the state house.   The country has brave men and women who have been putting their lives on the line for 22 good years.  H. Usainu Daboe and cos were the recent casualties of the reign of the tyranny and the leader of the PDOIS, H. Halifa Sallh who kept reminding the dictator and the rest of the civilised world of what is about to happen if some individuals don't respect the constitution of the country.
If after nearly 5 years HE. Barrow and APRC should tie the knots in 2021, the general election year.  Some of us would be confused  and even disappointed the matter in which they got to become friends, it leaves you wonder if Jammeh is made aware of this at all.  Like the United democratic party, APRC also have both suffered casualties 
 and cross-carpeting at all the level of their political party echelon.
Sources speculating on social media reckon Jammeh does agree to the merging of his beloved APRC with the leader of a group that put a stop to his 22 years of lavish and tyrannic rule, but some top officials of the party knew that they are not anymore trusted by Jammeh and he knows it well.  So these types will join any body for their own agenda without APRC and Jammeh in mind as He is not in the Gambia.  Despite being absent from the country, he never ceased to meddle in between the various party members like Ramboo, Fabary Tombong Jatta, M.A Bah, and more.  Jammeh never managed to reunite the party's various fractions.   The return of the APRC assets and a pretty sum of dosh to its greedy members have facilitated the bonding with the president born millionaire HE. Barrow.  Who, in his own words said and I quote; I rather die than loose this elections because dying is better than loosing for me.  Then, no wonder Mr president has no time to choose friends and entourage.

Commissions of inquiry and truth finding
The administration has set up financial and judicial commissions to look into  the 22 years of human right abuses and financial indiscipline and mismanagement of public funds.
The Algali commission had concluded its investigations, and recommendations handed to the state house review for and execution but still now the nation seating and waiting the final judgement against Jammeh and any other fiscal criminals.
TRRC ( The Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Commission) has included its investigations and interrogations and obtained statements from suspects and victims or their loved ones.  We learnt that the TRRC's recommendations are on the way the the president, who would or should then make whatever he desires and passes it to the courts.

Who would have dreamt of the leader of the 2016 coalition flag bearer will one day form a team and have APRC as back up to secure votes.  Never say never  as nowadays everything seems to be unpredictable.  
Mr president has shown the early signs of making it up with the old enemies where He welcomed Mr Seedy Njie from Equatorial Guinnee, and appointed ex ministers of the old regime.   Men who accompanied Jammeh have come back some have even been appointed in government duties, or shall I say advisors to the president.
The late Great Robert Nesta Marley said: When your Best Friend Becomes Your Worst Enemy and Your Worst Enemy Becomes Your Best Friend.  Would we blame Mr president for allying with APRC?   No, because he does not care too much how He wins the elections as He has demonstrated in his many interviews and campaign speeches.  He managed to do what dictator-to-be does, to divide, rule, mislead, and pave way for their long stay in power.
One might think the marriage between the 2 is a bit premature, considering the findings and recommendations of the TRRC are yet to be reviewed and the head of state' opinions may also count.  This makes one to conclude that Mr president would not persecute APRC's members accused or who have pleaded guilty could all be forgiven to please the APRC and its supporters.
This is a very big sacrifice for Barrow and is also at the expense of the country as well.
Betrayed or fooled?
Can the NPP and APRC be trusted to the lead the country after 4th of December 2021???


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Self-made Millionaire President Adama Barrow Barrow