Weekly  opinion board:

The  majority of  our so called news are individual or public opinions made  of facts and fictions.


 2020/21  would be  the years of  Covid-19 with all its conspiracy theories surrounding  the very existence of  "the  China virus".    

The beginning of the century  has given us pandemics, wars, genocides,  rise and fall of dictators/ fascists  elected to the highest offices.     We are living in a world of uncertainty and unpredictability. 

The very institutions  hired to protect us are turning their guns against us.  The poor is left to die  for the 1% to continue to enrich themselves and love-ones.  We are  witnessing the re-colonisation of Africa by the Chinese and the old masters are not happy,  urging them to replant their minions in every country in the continent.

The far-right movements have almost infiltrated all European and Americas secrets services and law enforcement, yet non Whites are still being told that they have or deserve the same rights as their counterparts.

The horrific and barbaric actions of the great China have not stopped her from trading freely with those so-called human right defenders.

And when those who are meant to show decency and good governance are enabling dictators  to cover up genocides, financial malpractices and still maintained cordial relations with theses nations.

When Racist governments are using BAME people to erect laws  to oppress them and deny or reduce their freedom under the pretext that is for the good.

I mean when Boris Johnson is using a non white woman to do his dirty job for him.  By the way covid-19 is also used as a tool to reduce basic human rights.

I must stop here, as next week I will be looking at the relationship between Africa and her partners around the world.  


Happy Easter and have a great week.